Establishing the Swindon car club

Written on 4thMay 2011 by

There are now approaching 150,000 members of car clubs across the UK with cities, towns and even villages realising the cost, environmental and convenience benefits they offer. Car clubs provide the convenience and cost saving of being able to use cars based in neighbourhoods. They also offer strong savings on carbon through reduced car ownership and promotion of sustainable travel.

The first car club in Swindon is well on its way to starting in late spring 2011 under the GO-OP CAR brand, offering local residents and businesses the opportunity of booking a car for an hour or more.

Over the last few months, GO-OP has been developing a partnership with Hab Oakus. This is a partnership between Kevin McCloud’s company Hab and housing group GreenSquare. Hab Oakus is developing The Triangle, a high-quality sustainable 42-home development, one mile north of Swindon rail station. As part of the development there will be the provision of a car club to its residents and those living nearby. The car club at The Triangle will be the catalyst for the start of the Swindon car club.

"We're very pleased to be working with GO-OP on this vital community-based initiative," said Kevin McCloud. "Car clubs are a fantastic means of allowing people to save money and fuel whilst enjoying the benefits of car ownership."

As soon as the first residents move into The Triangle, a car club will be in place, initially with two cars. From this base a car club will be developed into other parts of Swindon. To help accelerate growth and impact, a current priority is to establish a strong business base through use of a high quality technical partner (to provide online bookings and walk-up car activation) and investor partners such as Swindon Borough Council and a car-based sponsor.

More information on car clubs across the United Kingdom is available at