GO-OP Co-operative is very pleased to announce its 'adoption' of The Railway Children as our charity

Written on 18thDecember 2012 by Kate Whittle

Railway Children is an international children's charity, fighting for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation. Railway Children works in the UK, where society often denies their existence, and overseas where in some countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become 'normal'.

Vulnerable children who live alone are at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation. Children run away from, or are forced to leave, homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse or neglect. They find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go, and no-one left to turn to. Yet problems on the streets are often worse than those they endured at home.

In India, East Africa, and the UK, Railway Children works to make a sustainable difference and long-term change by:

• reaching children as soon as they arrive on the streets, and intervening before an abuser can;

• working with communities to raise awareness and make children more visible; and

• lobbying governments to change policies and provide crucial services.

Clearly GO-OP is not yet in a position to provide financial support, but we will feature and link to Railway Children here, and we have invited them to speak at our June 2013 AGM. Once we are running services, there will be many opportunities for promoting the work of this excellent charity