Update on Mid Hants Link rail service

Written on 8thApril 2011 by

GO! Co-operative Limited - trading as GO-OP - a multi-stakeholder sustainable travel co-operative, has announced plans to reschedule its postponed ‘low carbon’ local rail service in Hampshire. GO-OP is in on-going negotiations with partners including Hampshire County Council and Mid Hants Railway, and with their continued support, plans to reschedule the resumption of the service later in 2011.

The Mid Hants Link was originally scheduled to proceed in January 2011 but was delayed due to technical issues affecting the lightweight railcar. The railcar suffered damage to its electrical system in transit and as testing began, a hydrostatic pump suffered a catastrophic failure which could not be repaired within an acceptable timeframe.

Chris Phillimore of GO-OP said: “Reluctantly and understandably, GO-OP and our partners took the decision to suspend the poject until the technical issues with the railcar could be fully resolved and we could offer a reliable service. We remain even more determined to develop Ultra Light Rail projects in the United Kingdom. The knowledge and expertise we have gained in developing and promoting the Mid Hants Link has made us even more convinced of the business case for Ultra Light Rail, based on co-operative principles.”

In addition to seeking to operate the Mid Hants Link service later in 2011, GO-OP is now exploring opportunities to work with other partners across the UK. Through the work undertaken with the Mid Hants Link, other similar Ultra Light Rail projects have emerged and GO-OP is reviewing the various opportunities on offer.