GO-OP people


Could you be one of the GO-OP people?

We have three main roles in which our members can contribute to the work of GO-OP: as volunteers, as workers or prospective employees, and as directors.


GO-OP has an urgent need for volunteer assistance to bring its plans to fruition. We need people in a variety of role, but especially office based work in Taunton ideal for people with good computer skills. However, it is also true that we would value having contacts and community organisers in all the town and cities on our route. However, it is also true that we have limited capacity for managing people - so we really need a small number of dedicated people who can take the initiative and be largely self reliant. For this reason we have carefully defined volunteer roles and we are asking for applicants. For more information, download our volunteer pack.

Workers and prospective workers

No, we do not yet have any jobs to offer. But we are now close to the point that we will - and we are interested in hearing from people about a number of posts. These include trainee train drivers, fundraisers and marketing managers and people keen to work with our members on activity local to particular stations. In the absence of normal salaries, we have alternative ways to compensate people for their time - sweat equity, and in some cases commission - and of course working for us now ensures a place on the short list when paid work is available. For more information, download our worker pack.


We would like to enlarge our board of directors so that it has a wider range of skills, experiences and backgrounds, and better reflects the communities that we serve. For entirely understandable reasons, some long serving board members have been obliged to stand down and we cannot thank them enough for their dedication. We are not just looking for experts and professionals to replace them (though they do have much to offer!) but bright people with some wisdom and perceptiveness, who are willing to digest a lot of information and form a balanced opinion on what is best for the co-operative. For more details see the 'Standing for the board' pack.