GO-OP Co-operative aims to be the first co-operatively owned train operating company in the UK. But our ambitions go beyond being an operator of time-tabled train services on the National Rail Network.

GO-OP supports car clubs and investigates bus links to enable communities to access sustainable transport options. GO-OP is a Multistakeholder Co-operative (Somerset Rules), I&PS registered with the FCA MS30978R.

Our flagship Mainline Rail route has now changed, and the Westbury – Birmingham service option has morphed into Taunton – Nuneaton, in order to take account of higher trip generation rates. We are currently putting together a package of materials to underpin the Track Access Application, including a demand forecast and a description of the safety management system, supported by a detailed operational analysis.

Ultra-light rail - we support Lightweight Community Transport in developing innovative rail services on branch lines in Devon, Shropshire and Wiltshire.