Welcome to GO-OP

GO-OP is a family of co-operative enterprises, which all have the common goal of delivering inclusive and sustainable transport systems.

GO-OP is a growing family, with the first two services being GO-OP Train and GO-OP Learn.

GO-OP Train

GO-OP Train's mission is to reduce the social and environmental impacts of travel by providing mutually owned, high quality and inclusive public transport services that encourage people to choose sustainable options.

GO-OP Train is the UK’s first co-operatively owned Train Operating Company (TOC). Based in the South West, it is working to towards launching it's first passenger routes between Bishops Lydeard (a station on the independent West Somerset Railway, not currently served by the main or connecting lines) and Swindon, via current poorly served locations in Somerset and Wiltshire.

GO-OP's future is to go beyond being an operator of timetabled train services on the National Rail Network. It hopes to enhance the UK rail network by creating a diverse range of new connections, bringing benefits to all rail enterprises and encouraging a shift from car transport. Including supporting the development of car clubs, bus links and travel hubs to enable communities to access sustainable transport options.

Find out more about GO-OP Train here.

GO-OP Learn

GO-OP Learn is the newest in the GO-OP family. Its vision is a training institute, but also an intermediate labour market (ILM) – where students will also be employees, working alongside more experienced staff to deliver high quality transporting related services to clients.

Services include:

• Recruiting and training train drivers for GO-OP Train and for the wider rail sector;

• Public transport planning and route evaluation services, for trains, buses and car clubs

• Researching and recruiting members to electric car clubs delivered by Co-Cars (an Exeter based co-op) with the aim of creating multifunction charging stations shared by public transport and car club vehicles.

Find out more about GO-OP Learn here.