Skills, training and knowledge for sustainable public transport

It is hard to thrive in a world that puts social mobility and environmental improvement projects at the back of the queue when dishing out funding for innovation.

That’s why we’re launching the first community-owned public transport academy in the UK! Go-op Learn will train new drivers, new transport planners and new energy specialists to bring our transport network into the modern day, and take it on into the future.

Anyone can become an investor in Go-op Learn – and we particularly hope to hear from small investors who live in and around the Upper Avon Valley (Frome, Melksham, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham). To find out more about what is involved, as well as reading the business plan and other documents available to download on this website, you will need to request a copy of the share offer document and application form. Click the orange button above or below to submit your email address

Invest in Go-Op Learn today

The future of public transport is community-led

Go-Op Learn will empower disadvantaged communities by building an eco-conscious, sustainable transport network which provides skills, qualifications and work experience

Our school will train new apprentice train drivers, new community energy specialists and new transport planning technicians, bringing new talent and innovation to a struggling industry and protecting communities for the future

Our apprentices will earn whilst they learn, qualifying to work for the UK’s first community-owned train company and elsewhere in the sector

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