Investment in GO-OP



We are now entering a critical phase for GO-OP if we are to realise our long held ambition to operate trains within the next 18 months. This is where you as a prospective traveller and / or social investor come in; we must raise these funds to bring GO-OP to life and start operating trains as a commercial venture.

As ever, we must stress that we appreciate the diversity of our members’ means, and urge you not to invest funds that you could not afford to lose on what remains a venture with very significant risk. You have already done so much to support us, going far beyond monetary value. However, we are now reaching a critical point in progressing the plan and need an injection of capital to get over the finish line.

Work to date has been provided either on a voluntary basis, or through the use of specialist contractors where we do not have our own expertise, and this brings bills for GO-OP to pay.  We are now seeking to raise £46,000 which will cover our forecast expenditure until first quarter 2021.

How we will use these funds:

  • Our timetable contractors to date has cost £23,000 and further expenditure of £9,000 in this area could secure paths for an additional diagram and a clockface service across the whole day.
  • Engagement of a specialist recruitment consultant to find us the best talent in the industry suited to our needs to fill initial key roles, will necessitate expenditure of £5,000 over the next three months.
  • Rolling stock procurement specialists will cost £30,000 – this could be critical in enabling us to make progress.
  • We are close to confirming a site in Somerset for headquarters, depot and stabling – but confirming this will need £2,000 to settle.

Minimum investment in GO-OP via our Membership Share Offer, open to prospective users of our services is just £50.00. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or by completing the standing order mandate form.

GO-OP issues full-risk, withdrawable share capital. This earns interest at a rate sufficient to attract and retain investment, and cannot be transferred at a profit. The use of such par value shares is common practice for mutual societies as it protects both enterprises and investors from damaging speculative fluctuations in share price.

So far, GO-OP's working capital has been built up from a large number of small investments, most having the benefit of EIS tax relief. We expect to prepare an offer document for a further round of investment when we have gained assurance of the necessary consents and approvals: until then, further investment would be very high risk. For this reason, while members can subscribe more than the minumum requirement indicated above, we would need to ask a few questions of anyone investing more than £2000 at this stage, to ensure that they are experienced investors.

For a membership application form, please see the 'join' page.